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Application for Employment

  • We are an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, marital status, political belief, or disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions.
  • I. Personal Information

  • Federal law prohibits the employment of unauthorized aliens. All persons hired must submit satisfactory proof of employment authorization and identity (valid driver’s license, birth certificate, Green Card, etc.) within three days of being hired. Failure to submit such proof within the required time shall result in immediate employment termination.
  • II. Educational History

  • School Name/LocationYears CompletedDegree/Diploma 
  • School Name/LocationYears CompletedDegree/Diploma 
  • College Name/LocationYears CompletedDegree/Diploma 
  • School Name/LocationYears CompletedDegree/Diploma 
  • School Name/LocationYears CompletedDegree/Diploma 
  • III. Employment Record

    (Please include all employment for the last five years.)
  • Manager/SupervisorTelephoneWage/Salary 
  • Manager/SupervisorTelephoneWage/Salary 
  • Manager/SupervisorTelephoneWage/Salary 
  • We will contact all of the employers listed on this application unless you specifically exclude them below. Please list any employers you do not want us to contact and your reason for the exclusion:
  • (Employer’s name)Reason 
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  • IV. References

    Please do not include relatives or former employers.
  • NameYears KnownAddressTelephoneOccupation 
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  • V. Work Availability

  • VI. Salary / Hourly Rate Requirements

  • $per 
  • Background Research Release

    Please read this section carefully and acknowledge your understanding by checking the appropriate box. I certify that all of the statements made by me on this application for employment are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.

  • 1. Consent To Conduct Background Investigation As a condition of and in consideration for StorageOne’s consideration of this application, I give permission to StorageOne to investigate my personal and employment history. I understand that this background investigation will include, but not be limited to, verification of all information on this application, as well as interviews with past employers. I further give permission to StorageOne to conduct this investigation and to discuss the results of this investigation in connection with my application for employment.

    2. Consent To Contact Past Employers I give permission to StorageOne to contact all employers listed in this application (except those specifically excluded) for references. I further give permission to all current or previous employers and/or managers or supervisors to discuss my relevant personal and employment history with StorageOne, consent to the release of such information orally or in writing, and hereby release them from all liability and agree not to sue them for defamation or other claims based upon any statements they make to any representative of StorageOne. I further waive all rights I may have under state law to receive a copy of any written statement provided by any of my former employers to StorageOne. I further agree to indemnify all past employers for any liability they may incur because of their reliance upon this release.

    3. Consent To Contact Government Agencies I give permission to any agent, attorney or representative of StorageOne to receive a copy of any information obtained in the file of any federal, state or local court, governmental agency or investigator concerning or relating to me. I further consent to the release of such information and waive any right under state law concerning notification of the request for a release of such information. In the event a state law does not provide for prospective employers to have access to information, I hereby delegate StorageOne as my agent for receipt of information. I understand that the scope of this investigation will be limited to criminal and/or civil records that relate to my honesty, integrity and/or abilities. StorageOne contacts the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as a part of the background investigation. You may be required to sign a separate release for LVMPD to provide information to StorageOne.

    4. Cooperation With Investigation I agree to fully cooperate with StorageOne’s background investigation, and to sign any waivers or releases that may be necessary to obtain access to relevant information. In the event that any former employer or federal, state or local governmental agency will not release reference information or criminal history information directly to my employer, I agree to personally request such information to the extent permitted by law.

    5. Credit Investigation Applicant fully agrees to allow StorageOne to examine his/her credit background as a part of the background investigation. Following the requirements imposed by the Federal-Truth-In-Lending and the Fair Credit Report Acts, StorageOne conducts a pre-employment credit check on all applicants who are offered and who accept an offer of employment. Employment may be conditional upon review of the information in the credit check. StorageOne reserves the right to conduct this credit check at any time after applicant has been employed. Applicants have certain legal rights to discover and to dispute or explain any information prepared by the credit checking company.

    6. Pre-Employment Drug Screening The policy of StorageOne, respective to the possession and use of prohibited substances by its employees while in the employ of the Company and/or while on Company property, is that the possession, use, sale and/or transportation of illegal substances is prohibited. Enforcement of the policy begins with pre-employment screening and is extended during employment to random testing, testing for suspicion and/or cause, post accidental, abstinence monitoring, and refusal to take a test. These are all integral parts of the policy. Violation of the stated Company policy regarding drug and alcohol use may result in withdrawal of an offer for employment, or disciplinary action resulting in termination.

    7. Falsification Statement I understand that any falsification or willful omission of fact made in this application or in connection with any background investigation may be sufficient grounds for rejection of this application, or, if discovered after an offer of employment, for immediate dismissal.

    6. Employment “At Will” In consideration of my employment, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of StorageOne, and my employment and compensation is “at will” in that they can be terminated with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time, at the option of either StorageOne or myself, except as otherwise provided by law. I understand that no manager or representative of StorageOne, other than the President of StorageOne, has authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement or contract to the foregoing, and that any promises to the contrary will only be relied upon by me if they are in writing and signed by the President of StorageOne.